This is simply untrue, and many consumers are just misinformed or misunderstood. 

.  The truth is that synthetic oils are clearly different and actually very superior to the conventional oils of the past.  This amount, although it doesn't seem like much, will translate to far more than the extra money spent on synthetic oils, especially when combined with the money saved from fewer engine repairs.  Because of these engine protection and performance enhancing properties of synthetic motor oils, vehicles using these oils burn less fuel in the combustion process.  It is clear that over a vehicle's lifespan, synthetic motor oils protect engines better and increase it's life considerably.Although most people know enough about the necessary maintenance of their vehicles to perform oil and filter changes at regularly scheduled intervals, they are oblivious to the many important roles of the engine oil itself.  Many are even under the impression that one oil is as good as the next, and there are no differences between oil types and brands except for price.  Created by chemical engineers to have molecular uniformity and higher volatility levels, synthetic fluids withstand engine stresses better than their predecessors and last longer as well.  These byproducts form deposits over time and cause unnecessary wear.  Many believe there are no differences at all and that synthetic fluids are simply a ploy by oil producers to extort more money from the consumer.  One of the oldest and foremost, leading producers of synthetic fluids, AMSOIL, suggests a 2 to 5% increase in fuel mileage by using a synthetic oil in one's vehicle.  They also clog engine passageways which starve the upper engine of necessary lubrication, again causing internal wear.
Synthetic motor oils are superior to conventional, petroleum based oils in a number of money saving ways.  Synthetic motor oils usually are slightly more expensive when compared to the traditional, petroleum based oils, but they are significantly better as well.  This means that they do not break down as quickly between winch motors drain intervals, thereby extending the length of the drain interval itself, and protect vital, internal engine parts better.
Most people understand little about the differences between synthetic motor oils and traditional, petroleum based oils.  They are so much better that the financial benefits created by these synthetic fluids far outweigh the extra money spent when chosen over the traditional oils of the past.  This saves the consumer considerable money at the gas pump because of improved fuel mileage.
Where conventional oils create problems for engines over time, synthetic oils contain detergents and additives that clean engine internals, increasing engine performance.  This vehicle life extension and diminished amount of unnecessary repairs create enormous financial savings for the consumer in the long run.  Even fewer understand the differences between one engine oil and another.  Petroleum based oils burn off during use and leave behind byproducts that attach themselves to internal engine parts.

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